Saturday, March 10, 2007


I am a measly 5 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy. It was at this time in the pregnancy that I found out I was pregnant with Jack. I had about a week before the morning sickness set in that time, but I've already experienced some with this one. It hasn't been even a fraction as bad as it was, and I would be willing to stay at this level through the rest of the pregnancy if I knew that it would not get worse! I've been eating snacks often and drinking a lot of water. I found that I really like the Propel Fitness Water--it has vitamin B6 in it. Not only are the B vitamins good for energy (which I've definitely needed), but I was given a B6 plus a Unisom tablet as a remedy for morning sickness with Jack, and it was the ONLY thing that gave me any relief. So, maybe it's just the yummy taste of the water, or maybe it is psychologically helpful because of the B vitamins, but I like it and it seems to help me.

Jack has been doing great! This weather has been wonderful for him. Yesterday we went to the park and I let him run around on the playground and the grass. He was born in November, and by the time sring rolled around, Jack was still unable to crawl, so he has never really spent a lot of time outside, on his own steam, playing. He LOVES it! It was so funny to watch him fall down in the grass, get back up, and look at his hands in astonishment at the dirt. I plan to let Jack be a boy and get dirty outside. I know that it may sound silly, but I want him to appreciate the feeling of dirt on his hands, especially after working outside and accomplishing tasks with his dad. I pray that he gets his work ethic from his dad, who is tireless and ALWAYS working, instead of me, who will be distracted from the most important job by a new episode of "What Not To Wear"!

Today Jack played outside on our deck. I put a baby gate up so he couldn't get off the deck, took his toys outside, and just let him go! He ran around like crazy, petting the kitties (first time he's actually been able to get his hands on one), and dragging his toys all over the deck. It was really fun to watch him play, as we've been a little "stir crazy" in the house lately. Spring is coming! What a sweet baby boy who loves to run and play. God is so good.

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