Monday, November 07, 2005


I'm taking a break from "catching up" past events to write about a current event. Currently I am HUGE. I have four weeks until my due date. I am slow. I waddle. I have back spasms and leg jerks. My belly button is popping out. I wheeze when I go up the stairs (which I try not to do). I am having braxton-hicks contractions hourly (and yes, sometimes by the minute, although nothing to rush to the hospital with yet). I am miserable, and I love it. My baby is sticking his heel in my rib as I write. I can't wait to see that little heel.

I also have cravings for PIE! Any pie will do, but particularly pumpkin pie and apple pie with ice cream and caramel sauce dripped on top. MMMmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Here's a picture of a pie I made just last week. I find that my cooking skills excel with the cravings that I have. This is the best apple pie I think that I've ever eaten. My hubby is diabetic, and I think I almost killed him, but he's still alive and I got to eat my pie......(what is it about pregnancy that numbs me to the needs of those around me? What was I thinking--making a pie that I KNOW my husband shouldn't have? I have to admit though, I ate a whole lot more than he did, and not because I wouldn't share, but just because he wasn't fast enough!) Maybe he'd like to blog about my second favorite craving.......Dairy Queen Pecan Mudslides! I've been loving enough to "share" mine with him! Go ahead, darling, tell them all about it.

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Jeffo said...

So much for sharing!

Well let me tell you a "little" bit about cravings... The other day I knew that my brother was about to make a "Dairy Queen" run and Betty was debating over whether or not to get a pecan mudslide, so I offered to share one with her - let me restate I offered to SHARE!! Anyway, I was installing a heat register in our nursery for "Jack" and Betty was laying on the futon eating the mudslide. I got a single bite of the delectable treat and then went back to working for a few minutes and when I asked for another bite of the mudslide that we were supposed to be sharing I was met with a sheepish grin and a little "I sorry" Ladies and gentlemen, she had eaten the whole thing - She couldn't have gotten the continer cleaner if she had split it down the middle and let the dog lick it clean! So much for sharing!!!