Thursday, November 03, 2005

Can You say "SICK?"

I've debated about just how much of this period in my pregnancy I want to share. On one hand, it would be a great way to remind Jack of "just how much Mommy went through" with him, and on the other hand, remembering it in any amount of detail could very well be the main deterrent to having a second child. At any rate, nothing will make me forget that I was SICK.

It started out just being an afternoon thing. Around 4:00 p.m. or so I would just feel a little bit nauseous, but it was very manageable at first. A couple of weeks after that it was full-blown, 24/7, if I wasn't vomiting then I was either thinking that I was going to, or worse, wishing that I could so I could just get it over with. I think that it was also a very hard time for Jeff, because I was so miserable, and there was nothing he could do to help. I tried two prescription medications before I found the combination that would work--one B6 vitamin and one Unisom tablet taken simultaneously. It knocked me out, but, what a relief that was! My constant morning sickness lasted into my 4th month, and then it started to taper off, much like it had begun. Here are some interesting statistics for you......

How it started: a strange metallic taste in my mouth
What seemed to help: Nothing, really, although it seemed to be more bearable if I ate
What I really didn't want to do: Eat
What I ate: Mashed potatoes and gravy, Banquet frozen dinners (more specifically turkey with dressing and mashed potatoes, and yankee pot roast with mashed potatoes)
Weird cravings: None at this time. It was more of what "sounded" like it might stay down if I ate it
How I slept at night: Sitting up in the bed, leaning over my husband's legs. I have no idea why this helped, but it was the only position that I could get to sleep in. Once I fell asleep I would be able to lay back down after a while, but I could never fall asleep in a lying down position.
What disgusted me most: Smells. Any pregnant woman will tell you that it really is the smell of something that will get you. Also, kissing. I could NOT stand to have something covering my mouth. My poor, newly wed husband went through several different brands and flavors of toothpaste trying to make his mouth more appealing. Poor baby. He was glad when that part finally started to subside.
Most miserable moments: Jeff took me with him to Milwaukee on a work weekend. We stayed in this quaint little hotel with an Irish pub attached. The room was very romantic, it was springtime, I love Milwaukee, I was free to explore downtown while Jeff worked, and all of our meals were covered by Jeff's work. I spent the whole time in the hotel room, too sick to even watch TV. When I wasn't in the hotel, I was with Jeff at work (after hours), laying in the floor of one of the bosses' office.

You know, that memory is enough to make me stop thinking about it. Time to move on to better things.


Gaylene said...

Thanks for sharing my friend. Love you

Lee "the stud" said...

Wanted to say don't worry about Jack, Jack. Uncle Lee will so watch his back.

I love you both so much. I would live there but I would be cleaning all the time.

Talk to you both soon,