Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Little Tidbit

Ok, here's a juicy little morsel for the grandmas and the other "eager beavers" out there. I went to the doctor today and had my Strep B test done. Don't know the results yet. She also checked me and found that I am 90% effaced! For those of you who have no idea what that means, it means that the baby has dropped and pretty low down. She was surprised and said that I am more effaced than most normal first time pregnancies. She also told me to make sure that I had my bag packed and my hospital registration done. Evidentally there is some "rule" (old wives tale) that says I could deliver in a week. But we all know that it could also take MUCH longer than that and the effacement could mean nothing! But it was a good incentive for me to get the suitcase out and drop my paperwork off at the hospital. So I'm ready to go. Now I'm sure with all that done it'll be a longgggggggg wait.

For those of you who see this as too much information, I am indeed sorry, but get used to it!

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