Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh No! Not Acid Reflux?

Yeah, my name is Jack Gray. This is my first time here, and...well....I-I have acid reflux. My mommy, she thought I had it, and my doctor (she's real pretty) was pretty sure I had it, but yesterday they took some pictures of my tummy and they confirmed it. So I guess they wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything in there that was pushing my yummy milk back up in my throat.....what? did they think I had a grapefruit in there? I'm only 2 months old, for crying out loud (and I could tell you a thing or two about that). So they gave me this white stuff to drink that was NOT mommy milk, but I was hungry so I drank it, and then they took all my clothes off (which felt really good) and then a nice lady with a weird blue coat took my picture. I guess that's all you have to do to find out you have acid reflux. Now I gotta take some more medicine (yippy skippy) that's going to help my food to move through my know what I mean, more quickly so it doesn't have a chance to come back up! I think it's going to make me feel more hungry, so maybe mommy will give me some cereal with my milk. I like mommy alot. So, that's pretty much it. I'm fine and mommy seems fine and daddy, well, daddy's awesome no matter what. See ya later!

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Jeannie said...

Poor Jack-Jack! That face says it all! Don't worry... Reglan will change your little life! Good drugs! :-)